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Best Wireless Routers Login Guide - IP Address

Routers are the things that help us to connect our devices to the internet or a network. Routers are used in office and home to create a network through which you can connect yourselves to a network through 192.168.l.l IP aAddress. There are two types of routers available on the market one is wireless, and the other is wifi. People believe both are the same, but there is some difference in these two routers. So here in this article"Wireless Router vs Wifi Router" I am going to mention some of the points that will give you the difference between two devices. So from that, you can choose the device that you want to choose.

Wireless router vs. wifi router:

Wireless Routers:

  • Security Encryption is one of the most important things that restrict others from using your network and will keep you protected.
  • Filtering by MAC address( is one of the ways through which your router knows which device should get connected to your network.
  • The port forwarding is also one of the things that are present in your Wireless Router.
  • You will also get Quality of service and Wi-Fi multimedia with this type router.
  • The guest option will allow you to connect the friends to your network by enabling the number of guests you want to connect.
  • The factory defaults option will reset the router to the exact state through which it has left the company.

Wi-Fi Router:

  • This type of router must have dual-band Wi-Fi connection for better speed of the network.
  • The guest wireless network of is also present on this router through which you can allow some of your guest to use your network.
  • You can get on/off the wifi device whenever it is needed.
  • You can also detach the antennas when you want them to be removed.
  • The traffic meter must be there to know the usage of the network by various users.
  • The USB port available helps you to connect other devices to your router.

The above written are the main differences between these two devices. It will give you an overview which features is more effective than the other. Now it is upto you that which device you will prefer for your home of office to use.

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